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We develop unique products for the pro audio market. We believe that sensible design and sourcing quality components leads to reliable high-fidelity products. We value the customer experience, and are cognizant of it in all our activities. We think that our products speak for themselves, so we don’t engage in hyperbole, but simply present the facts.



Tangelo Audio designed the hardware platform for Synclavier Digital’s latest synthesizer, including the DAC (digital to audio circuit) circuit, button panel, and accompanying electronics.



The custom operating system inside Synclavier Regen was developed by Tangelo Audio.


The enclosure and graphics for Regen, as well as the packaging was developed by Tangelo Audio.


Tangelo Audio assembles and tests all the Regens at its facility in Nova Scotia, using only the highest quality parts.

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Synclavier Regen


tangelo audio handles the distribution of Synclavier Regen to dealers globally. If you are a dealer that wishes to stock Synclavier Regen, get in touch with us today.